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My teenage dream…

My teenage dream:

As I think about my special teenage dreams, I came to a solution to make all of them a reality. But when I realised that one of my dreams is almost impossible to accomplish, I shrugged. It might seem crazy, but everybody wanted to be Superman when they were 5 and I still want to be. I want to change this world and make everything around me something special and something dreamy. I want to change the bad into good and the non-believers into believers. I feel so guilty for not making the biggest difference that anyone was ever able to make, I feel so helpless.

When I read the Bible I came to a conclusion that can change everything in my life and everything around me:

Saul thaught that David was too young and inexperienced to take on the mighty Goliath. But David knew differently. He told Saul about the times God had saved him from being mauld by lions and bears that had attacked David’s sheep. David knew that God was mightier than Goliath and that it didn’t matter how small or young David was in comparrison to Goliath.

David could do anything with God. So can we. With God, there is no such thing as too young or too small or too inexperienced. God uses all sorts of people of all sorts of ages and abilities to accomplish big things in this world.


When God told Moses to tell Pharoah to let the Israelities go, Moses must’ve thought God forgot that he had trouble talking. God knew it would be difficult for Moses, but God also knew that Moses’ physical limitation would be an opportunity for God to show His power. And it was! God’s strength showed through Moses’ weakness.

God has given us opportunities to show His strength through our weaknesses too. Each of us has something we struggle to do- but when we ask God to help us, it’s an opportunity to show the world that God can do anything and that we can do anything with God.

All I’m saying is that I can’t live in a world like this anymore. I don’t want to feel invisible nor feel as if I can’t do something for other people that is worth living for. I know that it it is our job as christians to make everything around us perfect and I’m not going to stay quiet and pretend as if we’re doing a good job. I mean, look at this country!


I want to change the world!  I am going to change this world!


Thank you for your time.


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